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    Vent-free appliances are similar to other space heating and hearth products, with one exception – they don’t have a vent. This allows all of the useable heat to enter a room. Today, vent-free gas appliances include heaters, fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves and log sets and, every year manufacturers introduce new designs and styles of vent-free products. Selecting a vent-free appliance is easy. It is recommended that you work with your local gas appliance or hearth retailer to find the best product to meet your needs.

    Vent Free Products

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    Certified Employee Training Program (CETP)

    The Certified Employee Training Program, or CETP (pronounced "SEE-tep") is a formal structure for training, testing and documentation to assure that workers in the propane industry have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their work safely and effectively. Properly trained and educated employees, customers and end-users mean a healthier organization and a better bottom line for you. Employee training is mandated by DOT, NFPA and other groups and it makes good business sense.

    National Propane Gas Association

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    The Florida Propane Gas Association

    The Florida Propane Gas Association was founded in 1945 in order to promote, protect and encourage the growth of the LP-Gas industry in the State of Florida. For the past 59 years this non-profit association has been working to protect the interest of our industry, our members and our consumers. The Florida Propane Gas Association is deeply committed to safety, education, legislative and regulatory efforts, marketing and promotion, training in management, finance, sales, safety and service.

    The Florida Propane Gas Association

  • NFI

    National Fireplace Institute

    Planning and installing fireplaces, stoves and their venting systems requires experience, technicalknowledge and skill. Numerous decisions -- from proper floor protection to appliance sizing and placement to venting system compatibility and height-should all be made with the expertise of a specialist.

    One of the ways to identify a competent specialist is to check their credentials. The National Fireplace Institute®, an independent, non-profit certification agency, has created the standard for certification in the hearth industry. Only those who pass a rigorous examination covering fundamentals of proper installation receive NFI Specialist Certification.

    National Fireplace Institute


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