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Choosing a Natural or Propane Gas water heater means you’ll almost never hear “we’re out of hot water!” again. That’s because a Natural or Propane Gas waterheater heats water twice as fast as electric units so you have an abundance of hot water! A Gas water heater is efficient and economical so you’ll spend less money to operate it compared to electric. There are a variety of hot water heating models and sizes so you can customize your family needs to your hot water needs.

AEI Gas Services is unique in that we not only offer installation and services for both Natural Gas and Propane Gas systems but we are also a State Certified Plumbing Contractor.

Cost Comparison - A Natural or Propane Gas water heater will cost you less to operate than an electric unit. Your energy savings keep coming, just like the hot water out of your tap when you make the best choice for water heating., Make no mistake – if you are using an electric water heater replacing it with a Natural or Propane Gas water heater means you’ll start saving money on your energy bill instantly.


Natural Gas Cost Electric Cost Approximate Annual Savings Up To
Storage Tank $121 $355 $234
Energy Star

Experience an endless supply of fresh hot water – for bathing, cooking, dishes, laundry, and all the other countless ways hot water enriches your life.


With a Rinnai tankless water heater, you’ll enjoy hot water when you need it – for as long as you want it! Whether you’re building your new dream home - complete with luxurious spa bath and body spray system - or simply remodeling your current home, there’s a Rinnai tankless water heater ideal for your application. And every unit comes standard with the efficiency, performance and peace of mind that makes Rinnai the #1 tankless water heater brand in the U.S. market.

How Does It Work?

  1. A hot water tap is opened such as a kitchen / bath faucet, shower, tub or washing machine
  2. The water flow through the Rinnai tankless water heater detects the call for hot water
  3. The water flow turbine sends a signal to the control board which looks at multiple factors:
    1. Incoming water temperature
    2. Desired water temperature as set on the temperature controller
    3. Calculated difference between the two temperatures
  4. Depending on the calculated incoming and desired water temperatures, the gas flow into the burner assembly is modulated
  5. The electronic ignition sequence begins
  6. Water is heated to the desired temperature as it circulates through the copper heat exchanger providing endless hot water
  7. When the hot water tap is turned off, the tankless water heater sequentially shuts down and is placed in a standby mode pending the next call for hot water.

Our first goal is to offer a full gamut of products from which to choose. Secondly, we strive to give you an honest assessment of the benefits of each product we offer and allow you to decide the best solution for your needs.

Bradford White offers a wide array of both natural and LP gas-powered water heaters for residential use. These durable products provide years of dependable service and are designed to give you more hot water for the money.

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